10 Best Rated Riding Lawn Mowers Available in the Market – Buying Guide

Messy yards, uncut grass and overgrown weeds make the overall house look un-presentable and reflects badly on the owners. However there are many people who wish to keep their lawns clean but are just not able to find the right lawn mower which does the job quickly and efficiently. All of us lead busy lives and there is no time to mow the lawn with hands.

To get you out of this problem, here is a list of the 10 best riding lawn mowers available.

Husqvarna 18.5 hp Fast Pedal Tractor Mower

This lawn mower has dimensions which measure up to 73 inches in length, 45.5 inches in width and 48 inches in height which is a great height to comfortably mow the lawn from all areas. The mower weighs up to 585 pounds. It is very sturdy and extremely durable.

The lawn mower has a 42 inches 13 gauge steel deck which comes with a port to connect your water hose to the underside of the deck easily for washing purposes. The lawn mower has a fast auto transmission which allows smooth operation.

Husqvarna has used state of the art air induction mowing technology the fender mounted deck lever is convenient to use as it is assisted with a spring.

The port for attaching a water hose is a great addition which makes it less work for you. The auto transmission is great for working without any trouble and saves time too.

It has a sturdy exterior and won’t break down due to its auto transmission. Also, you don’t have to look for a water hose after mowing the lawn anymore. Just plug in the water hose under the lawn mower and you’re good to go. The air induction technology improves the airflow in the deck which ensures a precise and consistent cut every time.

The seat of the lawn mower is of medium height and is quite comfortable to make the whole experience easy and quick. One of the most attractive features of the mower is the 5 year frame/chassis and front axle warranty that it comes with.

MTD SOUTHWEST Troy-Bilt Lawn Tractor

The troy bilt lawn tractor measures up to 35.5 x 48 x 70 inches which is an ideal size for any size lawn or yard. The tractor comes with a 17 HP Kohler 597 cc Single Cylinder Engine installed which has the power to work efficiently. The cutting deck on the tractor sizes up to 42 inches.

The tractor has an automatic CVT transmission which allows for smooth operation. The rear tires are 20”x8” in measurement while the front square shoulder tires are 15”x6”.

The tractor has two anti-scalp deck wheels installed in it which is not seen in most lawn mowers or tractors. The tractor also comes with a steel front axle.

The size of this lawn mower is ideal for any size land and allows you to maneuver through the lawn with ease. The strong engine work efficiently and will last a long time. The cutting deck is wide enough to cover a large area of the land.

It weighs up to 496 pounds and makes for a sturdy and tough machine which has the ability to resist wear and tear.

The cutting deck is sharp and large enough to make a precise and consistent cut every time making sure you don’t miss a spot. The brand has kept the convenience of the customers in mind and so the seat has been made of a medium height and is quite comfortable so you don’t experience any back ache after you’re done mowing the lawn.

With a 2 year limited warranty you now have an assurance of the good quality.

Poulan Pro Briggs 15.5 hp Automatic Riding Mower

The Poulan Lawn mower is 72.5 inches in length, 45 inches in width and 34.5 inches in height. This particular size makes it comfortable to maneuver around the lawn.  

The 155 HP Briggs & Stratton single cylinder overhead valve engine is top quality and ensures 100 % performance. The 42 inch cutting deck has a vented deck which has been installed to draw air from the top of the deck which helps to control the airflow.

The mower also comes with additional mulching and bagging features. The automatic hydrostatic transmission of the lawn mower helps control the speed. The motion lever to adjust the speed is placed at a position for the user to conveniently reach for. The mower has a 6 inch turning radius. The lawn mower also comes with adjustable cutting positions.

The engine is powerful and durable and will last a long time. The oscillating front axle makes cutting very accurate.

The additional features of mulching and bagging help you perform other tasks too which you do not find in most lawn mowers.

Cutting edge technology is used to draw in the air to maintain the air flow when working in longer grass proves its workability in all kinds of grass.

The engine coupled with an air filter which is easy to filter makes it run cleaner so that it can last a long time.

The deck comes with 6 cutting positions which you can choose from to suit the type and size of your grass. The motion lever is simple to use. All you have to do is move the lever forward to change the speeds without having to stop in between which saves you a lot of time.

Cub Cadet Xt1 Enduro Series Riding Mower

This particular lawn mower comes with a 42 inch deck which is good enough size to cover a decent amount of area and a 16 inch turning radius. The deck features 12 cutting height positions that can be selected to suit the size and type of your grass. The lever that allows you to change the settings is convenient to reach and easy to use.

The deck also has a deck wash kit installed. The mower is backed with an 18 HP Kohler single-cylinder engine which as a hydrostatic transmission.

The engine is powerful and sturdy making it long lasting. The wear and tear that comes with corrosion and weather changes has been kept in mind and the machine has an E-coat corrosion defense system to combat that.

The lawn mower has a gas tank with a window to check fuel level. A feature not commonly found in lawn mowers is the cruise control that this particular machine comes with.

The lawn mower has a powerful engine with a hydrostatic transmission which will allow for smooth operation. The deck size covers a wide area of land and the turning radius makes for easy maneuvering around the lawn. The lawn mower comes with an adjustable seating that can be set to your preference. The steering is comfortable and is easy to grip.

The lawn mower is made out of a heavy duty material and hence will last you a long time. The hydrostatic transmission makes the whole process easy as it eliminates the need for shifting. All you have to do is push and pedal and you’re good to go.

The back seat has an elevated back support which will make sure you don’t get any back ache. The deck comes with adjustable settings and this will make it customizable and more suited to your needs. With such amazing features, a 3 year limited warranty which makes the whole purchase safe and secure this lawn mower is a must have!

Poulan Pro Briggs V-Twin Pro Riding Mower

The mower comes with a 24 HP amazing Briggs v-twin pro engine with the power required to maneuver around uneven terrain as well. The lawn mower has a hydro gear EZT transmission which allows for an extremely smooth ride.

The stamped reinforced deck is 54 inches in length which is the perfect sized blade that you need to make sure the cut in neat and precise. The deck also comes with adjustable cutting positions. The frame of the lawn mower is welded and the caster wheels both make for a durable and sturdy machine. The 18 inch rear tires are perfect to go over any kind of terrain.

The lawn mower also comes with an additional digital hour meter. The easy to operate dual levers have a foam grip for added convenience. The lawn mower has a fuel tank which stores up to 3.5 gallons.

The hydro transmission allows the driver to maneuver the machine easily. Just move your arms forward and backward and turn wherever which saves you time.  

This particular lawn mower has the features which will cut down your lawn mowing time and make it an enjoyable experience rather than a tedious task. The mower provides you with maximum maneuverability to move around any kind of terrain.

The zero turn mower cuts the lawn mowing time and ensures that the machine lasts a long time. As the machine is used up less because of its high efficiency it resists wear and tear.

The deck comes with 6 changeable cutting height positions to choose from to suit the type and size of grass that you’re dealing with. The comfort of the user has been kept in mind and so the seat is of a medium height and is comfortable.

Raven Hybrid Generator Riding Lawn Mover

The Utility Cart ATV measures up to 88 inches in length, 51 inches in width and 49 inches in height. This is a good enough size for a comfortable ride and to maneuver the vehicle easily. The 420 cc gasoline powered engine is strong and durable and has the power for a smooth drive.

The ATV comes with a 7100 Watt generator which gives enough power to make it last a long time. The hybrid transmission allows for a good performance. The vehicle is equipped with a storage bed along with a tail gate.

The 14 inch turning radius allows you easily turn and maneuver the vehicle even at high speeds. The ATV comes with a 500 lb towing capacity. The cart features front ATV-style shocks, frames and suspension. The ATV weighs up to 850 pounds which makes it a tough and sturdy machine.

The size of the machine is good enough for beginners even to ride with ease. The engine is powerful and allows for smooth operation. The ATV has been built with a sturdy material which allows it to resist wear and tear and will last a long time. The turning radius is a good enough measurement to maneuver the cart according to your wishes.

The engine is strong and will give you a smooth ride making the experience much more enjoyable. It allows you to drive on uneven terrain with ease.

The ATV is made out of top quality material and so will not put you through the trouble of taking it to the mechanic off and on.

With good care and maintenance the vehicle can last a long time. The vehicle has a good towing capacity and can used for towing purposes too which makes it a multi-tasker. Adding to the multitasking quality, a lawn mower head can be attached with the vehicle to turn it into an automatic lawn mower which is quite an attractive feature and makes one item perform various tasks.

Husqvarna V-Twin 724 cc Zero Turn Mower

This lawn mower measures up to 72.8 inches in length, 49.5 inches in width and 46 inches in height. The engine being powered by the amazing Briggs and Stratton is one hell of an engine which comes with various features like air filtration, and super finished bearing surfaces. The finish of the machine and the materials used are all of top quality.

The mower also has chrome plated valves and oversized cooling fan. All these features combine to give out extreme durability and amazing performance.

The cutting deck has been made with a heavy steel flat stock for which makes it stronger. The deck is good 54 inches in size which is a something you don’t find in most lawn mowers. The deck lift system of the mower has been assisted with springs to provide further ease and convenience. The lawn mower has a dual hydro-gear transmission which allows for smooth operation.

The lawn mower has an extremely strong engine which has the power to be durable and long lasting. The air filtration system works in a way that air is sucked from the top and bottom of the deck which in turn improves the cut of the grass.

It has a hydro-gear transmission which will ensure that the machine runs smoothly and with ease making lawn mowing fun rather than a hectic task. The blade of the mower is wide and sharp enough to cover a large area of grass.

The lawn mower comes with an electric clutch which makes maneuvering the blade very easy and accurate. The frame of the machine has been made with a sturdy material to make sure it lasts you a long time and does not make you go to the mechanic again and again.

Husqvarna 18.5 HP Yard Tractor

The Husqvarna yard tractor measures up to 48 x 45.5 x 72.88 inches. This is a good enough size to be able to mow the lawn comfortably yet compact to make maneuvering through the lawn easy.

The tractor comes with a cutting height adjustment that is fender mounted. The tractor has a hydrostatic transmission. Cutting edge technology for air induction has been used to control the airflow.

The Briggs and Stratton engine is a heavy duty installment which is really powerful. The stamped deck sizes up to 42 inches in length with a two blade manual engagement.

The level to change the settings is also hydrostatic in transmission. The tractor has a 2.5 gallon fuel tank which is good enough to last a while. The headlight makes the tractor useful at night time too.

The compact size of the tractor saves up on storage space and makes it easy to manage. The tractor has an adjustable seat that can be changed in height to suit your preference and need.

The steering wheel of the tractor is ergonomic in nature making it comfortable to operate. The air induction technology used helps to ensure a clean cut every time.

The compact size allows you to move the machine freely and easily. It also allows you to keep it in tight spaces as well. The hydrostatic transmission allows for smooth operation and lets you change the forward and reverse speed. This makes it user friendly for elderly people as well.

The deck ensures a precise cut and gives the grass a very neat look. The machine also comes with a range of towable accessories and a mulch kit which minimizes the number of items you have to purchase for maintaining a lawn. The headlight installed allows you to work at night too which is not something you see commonly.

Troy-Bilt 420cc OHV Riding Lawn Mower

The measurements of the lawn mower are 64 x 34 x 26 inches. The lawn mower has a powerful 420cc single troy bilt engine with a top speed of 2.25 MPH.

This gives you the power and the speed to go through the whole lawn quickly and accurately without leaving any spot. The lawn mower comes with a transmission of six speed. This particular lawn mower has a 30 inch cutting deck which is sharp enough to make a precise cut.

The deck also comes with 5 adjustable settings and also a standard riding mower with a size of a wide cut that walks behind the mower as it moves.

In order to make the blade work easily and quickly the mower features a manual power take off. The tires area of a good size measuring an 18-inch turning radius. It has 13×5 inch measuring front wheels and 16×6.5 inch measuring rear wheels.

The engine of this lawn mower is strong and powerful and gives you the power required to go around even large sized lawns and yards. The blade is sharp and makes a precise and consistent cut every time. The adjustable settings of the deck help you choose the one best suited to the size and type of the grass you wish to cut.

This lawn mower is of a perfect size which can easily be kept in a garage or a shed. It is the ideal purchase for standard land owners.

The engine is built to last a long time and won’t give you any trouble with its’ performance. The fuel tank can hold up to 1.3 gallons of fuel and also has a window to check fuel level. The seat is quite comfortable as well. The lawn mower comes with a 2 year limited warranty which gives you further assurance of the quality.

Yard Machines 420cc Riding Lawn Mower

The lawn mower measures up to 70 inches in length, 47 in width and 37.5 inches in height which is an ideal height for a riding lawn mower where you can sit in comfortably and see everything clearly.

The lawn mower is powered by a 420 cc powermore engine with a shift on the go drive system. The gear shift has 7 different speed settings to give you the accuracy required. The blade of the lawn mower is a good 42 inches in size which covers a wide area of grass. The lawn mower weighs up to 490 pounds which makes it extremely sturdy and heavy duty.

The dimensions of the lawn mower are perfect for you to ride it easily. The lawn mower isn’t too big to for you to be overwhelmed by it and is a nice height for you to get to all the areas of the lawn.

The lawn mower is gas powered and so won’t take up any electricity and won’t have to be recharged very often.

The taller tires of the mower are something that is not seen in most lawn mowers.

The only con associated with this lawn mower is that you will have to re-fuel the gas after a while.

The lawn mower has a heavy duty strong engine which gives you the power to drive the mower up hilly areas and ridges too.

The blade is big and sharp enough to cut down the grass with great accuracy and neatness and doesn’t leave blunt ends. The mower functions in other ways as well such as mulching and bagging to help maintain the appearance of the lawn and also comes with a comfortable mid height seat. The lawn mower comes with a two year limited warranty which is proof of the good quality.

Best Riding Lawn Mowers – Price Table

Product Price Image
Troy-Bilt 420cc $1,221.75
Husqvarna Pedal Tractor Mower $1,499.00
Yard Machines Riding Lawn Mower $1,505.58
Poulan Pro Automatic Drive Riding Mower $1,299.99
Cub Cadet Xt1 Riding Mower $1,796.20
Husqvarna Lawn Mower N/A
Husqvarna Pedal Tractor Mower $1,999.95
Husqvarna Yard Tractor $2,099.95
Yard Machines Riding Lawn Mower N/A
Husqvarna Fast Tractor Mower N/A

Things to Look at When Buying a Lawn Mower

Yard Machines 420cc 42-Inch Riding Lawn MowerGetting hands on a good quality lawn mower has become very hard these days. Some are highly expensive while others just break down after a couple of uses.

Most lawn mowers these days have a long list of features which seem quite attractive but fail when put to use.  

Some features are just unnecessary while are others are too complicated to operate. Nobody likes a messy lawn and working with a hand mower is not an easy job plus people don’t have the time to do that anymore.

Companies aren’t helpful in this matter either as they obviously oversell their product. This guide right here will hopefully help you in identifying the things that are important for  a good quality lawn mower to have which will do the job efficiently and be worth every penny paid for.


Troy-Bilt 420cc OHV 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn MowerThe first thing you should consider while buying a lawn mower is the engine. There are many different variations that come but you need to identify which engine works best for the kind of terrain you want to cover.

A good engine for the lawn mower should be strong and have the power to maneuver around any kind of terrain.You need to check what cc engine you’re looking for.

The best and the most common is a 420 cc single cylinder engine which can be seen in most of the top quality land mowers. Another feature that needs to be looked at is the transmission of the engine.

The three types you can choose from is a manual, automatic and a hydrostatic transmission. Hydrostatic transmission is a good option as it offers a smooth ride and because it uses fluids instead of belts, it lasts longer too. This type of transmission also requires less maintenance hence it will save you up on a lot of time.

Price Value and Specifications:

Raven Hybrid Generator Utility Cart ATV Red MPV7100Lawn mowers come in various price ranges going from the lower end to the higher end. However it is very important to compare all the features and priorities on the ones that actually add value and not just zeros to the price.

There are many lawn mowers out there with a long list of features and are ridiculously high priced however the features are not worth the paying they’re being paid for.

For this purpose you should go for lawn mowers which come with a minimum of two year limited warranty.

This will ensure the quality of the product and give you the assurance that you need when spending a large amount.

With such warranties you don’t have to worry about where to buy the spare parts or find a lawn mower specialist because you can always take the machine back to the company if it gives you any trouble and they will help you out.

mtd southwest lawn moverThe specifications that must be looked at are the size, dimensions and the features of the lawn mower.

The lawn mower should be of a good enough height for you to comfortably ride the vehicle and the length should adequate too so that you may maneuver around obstacles with ease.

A good option are the zero-turn-radius mowers which can easily navigate through a variety of obstacles. The lesser the turning radius the sharper turns you can make which is necessary if you have  a lot of details in your lawn or even trees that you need to go around of.

A great way is to look for lawn mowers that are a little compact in size as they can fit in your garage too adding to your convenience. The lawn mower should also be sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear and not break down on you. Check what material the frame has been made of.

Design and Features:

Poulan Pro Briggs V-Twin Pro Riding MowerOne of the most important features of the lawn mower is the cutting deck. For the cutting deck check the size of the blade.

An average size is a 42 inch blade which is good enough to cover a large area. Cutting decks come with an air induction system that controls the airflow to ensure that a precise and consistent cut is made every time.

Look out for lawn mowers with such technologies. Many lawn mowers also offer a variety of cutting height positions to choose from to suit the size and type of your grass.

These interchangeable heights also allow you to cut near the root of the trees and makes it less of a work. It gives a neater more cleaner finish too.

Poulan Pro Automatic Hydrostatic Transmission Drive Riding MowerThis is a good feature to consider and lets you customize the settings to your own needs. Lawn mowers come with a fuel tank which you should check the capacity of so it suits your needs.

Look out for lawn mowers that have a gas tank window for you to easily check the fuel level. The types of the lawn mower should also be taken into consideration.

Taller tires are better for greater control of the vehicle and better performance. These also help if you wish to mow over a hilly area or an uneven terrain with rocks and ditches.

This feature will ensure a less bumpy ride and protect the vehicle from damage. The tall tires make for a large clearance between the land and the underside of the machine which saves it from those pointy and rocks and protects the surface of the machine from scratches.

Extra Features:

husqvarna lawn moverMany lawn mowers come with additional features that are actually very useful and that must be taken into consideration as they add value.

Firstly check if the lawn mower comes with either a deck wash kit or a port on the underside of the lawn mower to connect the water hose into.  

This cuts down on the number of equipment required for the maintenance the lawn and make the lawn mower a multi tasker. mulching and bagging features should also be looked at which some lawn mowers have installed in them and these really improve the way you maintain your lawn.

Cub Cadet Kohler Hydrostatic Gas Front-Engine Riding MowerIf the lawn mower has a cruise control it makes the job a whole lot easier. It will maintain the speed of the mower and you can relax and actually enjoy the work. You should check the height of the seat and whether it comes with a back support or not.

This is very important as lawn mowing can take a while and most seats out there end up giving you a back ache. For added comfort and convenience also check if the steering wheel is has a foam covering and if the lever is in your range.  

You should see if the leg room is comfortable enough and whether the lawn mower has a cup holder for the days you work in the morning and can’t go on without having coffee. Many lawn mowers come with headlights which is a good feature to have in case you prefer working at night in which  case you can with this feature.

Now You Can Buy a Lawn Mower With Confidence:

Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin 724 cc Zero Turn Mower, 54"In order to keep your lawns neat and presentable lawn mowers are an essential item to have at home. These come in various designs, sizes and types which you can choose from according to your need.

The lawn mowers we’re talking about are the riding lawn mowers which have taken over the walking ones owing to their efficiency and the ability to cut the mowing time in half and make it un rather than a tedious task.

Hopefully the guide will have now given you an idea of what to look for in a lawn mower and not get fooled by the ads. The guide was written taking into consideration the features of the best and highly rated lawn mowers out there which do the job exceptionally well and are worth the price too.

The important features to look at our the engine and the cutting deck. The engine should be powerful and of the transmission that you think will work best for your lawn.

The engine should be durable and long lasting. The transmission that you choose will ensure for a smooth ride and will cut down lawn mowing time in half making the machine work less and lasting a long while.

The cutting deck should be of a good enough size, 42 inches is the most common size going around which ensures that no spot is left.

Troy-Bilt 420cc OHV 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn MowerAnother thing you need to consider is the blade and whether it uses air-induction to control air flow which ensures a precise cut every single time. Making a neat and consistent cut every single time is very important if you want a well maintained lawn.

Always look at the size of the lawn mower and its frame. The lawn mower shouldn’t be overwhelmingly large that it makes it difficult to maneuver around the lawn. The frame should be durable and sturdy so it can withstand wear and tear and lasts you a long time.

All lawn mowers are not created equal , hence you should first identify the size of your lawn, the type of land and then look for a machine that suits your needs the best. You could buy the most attractive lawn mower out there but if it is built for another kind of terrain your money will go to waste.

The guide also tells you to carefully compare the price of the lawn mower with the features it is offering. It is a good habit to search for the best lawn mowers and compare their features and prices.

Another great feature that the guide tells you to look out for are the warranties these lawn mowers come with. A minimum of two year limited warranty gives you the assurance that you need and makes it easy for you to get the machine fixed in case ot gives you any trouble.

Hopefully the guide will help you in finding the perfect lawn mower that matches all your needs and requirements.