3 Best Riding Lawn Mowers 2018 Available in the Market

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If there is someone who owns a yard of good size on their property, there could be some serious problem of mowing and chores which are much dreaded. It is not only time consuming to push the mower around the yard but it is exhausting as well.

It is time where the riding mowers are introduced. These mowers are designed for cutting energy and time that is spent on the grooming of the yard. The self-propelling system in place of push propelling has made them get handled easily for keeping the grass neat and trim. There are many different lawn mowers which are available on the current market.

The selection of the best riding lawn mowers 2018 varies for the size of yard, their layouts and the personal owner’s preferences. If the requirement of the customer and the features provided by the machine are met, then it would be the best choice of selection. It would be convenient for the customers to get the proper information about the machines they have to buy.

This could be done by having a comparison of the features provided and the one’s required by the customer and the total budget they have for it.

Have a look at our following list of best riding lawn mowers 2018:

30-Inch Neighborhood Premium Lawn Mower

This is a neighborhood lawn mower which is ideally for the owners of land of standard type with the landscape of medium size and the terrain which is even relatively. The price of this lawn mower is almost $1314.39 and has features which suit its price on the market. The lawn mower is also available on Amazon.com incase customers are interested in it.

The mower has a powerful engine of 420 cc Troy-Bilt in single with the top speed in the forward position of 4.25 MPH and a transmission of 6 speed. The mower is also a manual taking off of power for quick and easy engagement of blade for the cutting of grass.

There is a deck of 30 inches for cutting and it features the adjustable 5 way settings, it couples the standard mower riding’s benefits with wider walk cut size at the back of the mower. The wheels at the front and back of the mower has their own dimensions and have an 18-inches radius of turning with the front wheels of 13 x 5 inches and back wheels of 16 x 6.5 inches.

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Poulan Pro V-Twin Kohler 24 HP

This a lawn mower which is a pedal controlled one and serves ideally for the owners of medium sized lands. The price of the machine is about $2390.04 and it is available on Amazon.com, if someone has to buy it, they can simple get it ordered and shipped from there. The price of the machine is a bit high but it is fair enough when compared to the features it provides.

The lawn mower has the engine of 25 HP Kohler V-twin which is quite a powerful engine in its aspects and provides great transmission as it consists of pedal control and it provides fast automatic drive to the owner across the land.

There is also a deck for cutting which is of 54-inches and is re-enforced for the proper cutting of the grass. There is also a warranty of 10-years provided by the company to the customers. Incase. there is any problem with the machine, the warranty can be claimed and the machine may be replaced or repaired free of cost.

The machine also has a big fuel tank of 6.5 gallons which can store enough fuel for the working of the machine for the whole day or two. The wheels of the machine have its own dimensions, with the rear tires of 20 inches and the front tires of 15 inches.

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Poulan Pro 46-Inch V-Twin Riding Mower

This is a riding mower which has a pedal control and is ideal for working on medium or small scale farms or lands. The machine can be bought for $1700 from Amazon.com and from the market as well, if the customer is interested in purchasing it. The features of the machine justify its price on the market.

The riding lawn mower has an engine of Briggs V-twin of 20 HP which is powerful enough to take it throughout the farm or land and clean out the grass. It also comes with the option of the ready star so it does not have to be started by using coils.

The mower comes with the pedal control which provides faster automatic transmission and ease for maneuvering the mower across the field. The machine also has the deck of 46 inches for cutting which is enforced for the proper cutting of the grass.

The lawn mower also comes with a warranty of 10 years, provided by the company so, if there is any problem with the machine, the warranty can be claimed and the machine would be repaired or replaced by the company, in case it is beyond repairing.

The machine also has a fuel tank of 2.5 gallons which is enough for making it work for the whole day in the field but is not large enough to survive days like the mower previously discussed. But still the fuel tank of this mower satisfies the demands of the owner on the field and proves to be a good choice by its good performance and low maintenance costs.

The wheels of the lawn mower have their own sizes and dimensions just like the previously discussed lawn mower, the machine has two front tires and two rear tires. The front tires have the size of 15-inches and the rear tires have the size of 20 inches.

The lawn mowers discussed have great features in comparison to their prices and can work up to the expectations of the owner, only if they are properly maintained and checked, though the maintenance cost of the machines is not so high but they must be kept clean and well maintained for the best working of the machine on the field.

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