3 Cheap Riding Lawn Mowers Available in the Market

cheap riding lawn mowers

Riding lawn mowers have become a necessary item of household. There are being sued in every house which has a lawn or garden and serve great purpose of saving time and energy. These are available at different price ranges on the market and have different attributes and features depending on their prices.

As in this article, cheap riding lawn mowers are being discussed. So, some of them are mentioned below along with their price and attributes as well as their significance on the current market.

20″ Adjustable Classic Lawn Mower

It is a fairly cheap lawn mower with the price range of $89.99, which is quite reasonable and in range of the customers depending upon the features, which are provided by this lawn mower. Some of the features of this lawn mowers are mentioned for the customer’s awareness.

The design of this lawn mower is a classic one and has a push reel attached for the movement of the lawn mower, the user has to push it through the grass field for cutting the grass down. An advantage of this lawn mower is that there are no cords of extension or gas connection required for the mower to work properly.  

Most of the lawn mowers produce great deal of noise when they are turned on or used for cutting the grass while this lawn mower produces lesser noise than others because of its latest covers and sharp blades. The lawn mower also provides 20 inches extra wide width for the cutting of the grass which saves time and the energy of the user.

The height of the lawn mower is adjustable and there are 6 height positions available for the cutting of the grass in a proper way for the mowing which is convenient i.e. 1/3 to 1/2 inches) and is controlled by the height adjusters of quick snapping.

There are different sizes of wheels in the front and the back of the lawn mower. In the case of the lawn mower currently under discussion, there are dual tracking wheels and tires which are made of rugged rubber, the size of the wheels are 10 inches and 6 inches. There are 5 steel blades in number, which are made heat treated and are attached to the lawn mower for the cutting of the grass.

There are hooks of grass catcher as well which are attached to the back of the lawn mower for gathering the amount of grass which is cut by the blades so it may not get dispersed by any possible reason. It does not generally come along with the lawn mower but is being given for free by the owner of the lawn mower for free which is surprising but it is true.

If this lawn mower attracts the attention of the customer and is up to the demands of the customers, then it is available at Amazon.com and can be bought from there.

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16″ Mow Joe Lawn Mower

This lawn mower is another of the cheap riding lawn mowers which are available on Amazon.com for purchasing especially those who have a shortage of money and are in serious need of the mower. The price of this lawn mower is $104 and seem quite reasonable when compared with the features that are provided by the lawn mower.

The lawn mower has a design which is very compact and is easily understandable by the user and is not one of the mowers which have to be kept safe or taken great care of. Because of its compact design, there is not much maintenance which is required for the lawn mower to work properly and it can last longer than the other mowers without maintenance.

The mower is also environmental friendly and does not produce much noise that may cause disturbance and problems for the people around. There is no gas required as well for the proper functioning of the mower and it can be handled easily because of its easy push, it can be maneuvered easily around the lawns of small scale and size.

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18-Inch Mow Joe Manual Lawn Mower

The MJ501M Mow Joe is a manually handled lawn mower which is one of the cheaper lawn mowers and can be bought easily from Amazon.com easily. The price is pretty attracting one especially for the people who do not want to have an expensive lawn mower. It is about $74 and is quite reasonable in comparison to the features which are provided to the user.

As the mower is manually handled, the push which is attached to the mower is quite easy to maneuver and the mower can be moved easily from one place to the other on the lawns of small sizes. The height of the mower is also adjustable for the convenience of the user. Basically, it can be adjusted top 9 different position for giving the user, a better experience of cutting the grass.

The greatest advantage of this lawn mower is that unlike other expensive lawn mowers, it is free of maintenance and just has to be maneuvered on the field for getting the grass cut. Other lawn mowers need proper maintenance for proper working and costs heavily to the user.

Another of its great advantages is that the grass catcher of the mower is easily detachable, for emptying it and holds the capacity of holding about 6.6 gallons of grass which is more than many of the expensive mowers as well. The catcher does not come free with the mower but it is however, being provided free of cost by the owner alongside the mower.

There are different sizes and styles of wheel which are attached to the lawn mower. Usually, there are wheel on the front and the back as well and in the case of this lawn mower, there are 2 bigger wheels of 10 inches on the front of the mover and there are 2 smaller wheel of the size 6 inches at the back of the mower.

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