Cub Cadet Kohler Hydrostatic Gas Front-Engine Riding Mower

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4.5/5 on January 13, 2017

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Messy yards, uncut grass and overgrown weeds make the overall house look un-presentable and reflects badly on the owners.

However there are many people who wish to keep their lawns clean but are just not able to find the right lawn mower which does the job quickly and efficiently. All of us lead busy lives and there is no time to mow the lawn with hands. This is where the Cub Cadet Hydrostatic gas front-engine riding mower comes in. This mower will help improve the appearance of the lawn and save time too.

Product Specifications

This particular lawn mower comes with a 42 inch deck which is good enough size to cover a decent amount of area and a 16 inch turning radius. The deck features 12 cutting height positions that can be selected to suit the size and type of your grass.

The lever that allows you to change the settings is convenient to reach and easy to use. The deck also has a deck wash kit installed. The mower is backed with an 18 HP Kohler single-cylinder engine which as a hydrostatic transmission.

The engine is powerful and sturdy making it long lasting. The wear and tear that comes with corrosion and weather changes has been kept in mind and the machine has an E-coat corrosion defense system to combat that. The lawn mower has a gas tank with a window to check fuel level. A feature not commonly found in lawn mowers is the cruise control that this particular machine comes with.

Pros and Cons

The lawn mower has a powerful engine with a hydrostatic transmission which will allow for smooth operation. The deck size covers a wide area of land and the turning radius makes for easy maneuvering around the lawn. The lawn mower comes with an adjustable seating that can be set to your preference. The steering is comfortable and is easy to grip.

Why Should You Buy it?

The lawn mower is made out of a heavy duty material and hence will last you a long time. The hydrostatic transmission makes the whole process easy as it eliminates the need for shifting.

All you have to do is push and pedal and you’re good to go. The back seat has an elevated back support which will make sure you don’t get any back ache. The deck comes with adjustable settings and this will make it customizable and more suited to your needs.

The cruise control is a cherry on the top as it makes the whole task enjoyable. The deck also comes with a wash kit which minimizes the material used to maintain this machine. Just use the wash kit which has the washing items tailor made to suit the machine.

Final Verdict

With such amazing features, a 3 year limited warranty which makes the whole purchase safe and secure this lawn mower is a must have!

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