Husqvarna YTH18542 18.5 HP Yard Tractor, 42-Inch

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4.7/5 on January 13, 2017

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Is your lawn a huge mess with overgrown weed and grass? Does it look messy and unkept and give a bad image of the whole house?

Have you tried all the lawn mowers out there and spent tons but not one seems to work properly. If yes then join the party.

We’ve all been through the same problem at one point or another. Either lawn mowers are too expensive, don’t work properly or are just too difficult and heavy to work with. However the Husqvarna Yard Tractor lawn mower is the answer to all such problems.

Product Specifications

The Husqvarna yard tractor measures up to 48 x 45.5 x 72.88 inches. This is a good enough size to be able to mow the lawn comfortably yet compact to make maneuvering through the lawn easy. The tractor comes with a cutting height adjustment that is fender mounted. The tractor has a hydrostatic transmission.

Cutting edge technology for air induction has been used to control the airflow. The Briggs and Stratton engine is a heavy duty installment which is really powerful. The stamped deck sizes up to 42 inches in length with a two blade manual engagement. The level to change the settings is also hydrostatic in transmission. The tractor has a 2.5 gallon fuel tank which is good enough to last a while. The headlight makes the tractor useful at night time too.

Pros and Cons

The compact size of the tractor saves up on storage space and makes it easy to manage. The tractor has an adjustable seat that can be changed in height to suit your preference and need. The steering wheel of the tractor is ergonomic in nature making it comfortable to operate. The air induction technology used helps to ensure a clean cut every time.

Why Should You Buy it?

There are many reasons for buying this particular tractor. Firstly the compact size allows you to move the machine freely and easily. It also allows you to keep it in tight spaces as well. The hydrostatic transmission allows for smooth operation and lets you change the forward and reverse speed. This makes it user friendly for elderly people as well.

The deck ensures a precise cut and gives the grass a very neat look. The machine also comes with a range of towable accessories and a mulch kit which minimizes the number of items you have to purchase for maintaining a lawn. The headlight installed allows you to work at night too which is not something you see commonly.

Final Verdict

The purchase of this tractor can be justified with the great variety of features installed in it. The quality of this tractor is top notch and ensures that it will last a long time. The durable engine works efficiently and smoothly and will not break down. All in all this lawn mower makes the whole process easy, fun and a lot more efficient.

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