3 Best-Selling Lawn Mower Seats Available On Amazon

lawn mower seats

Getting hands on a good quality lawn mower has become very hard these days. Some are highly expensive while others just break down after a couple of uses.

Most lawn mowers these days have a long list of features which seem quite attractive but fail when put to use. Nobody likes a messy lawn and working with a hand mower is not an easy job plus people don’t have the time to do that anymore. This is where riding lawn mowers come in. Riding lawn mowers have completely changed the way people maintain their lawns now.

It is a much neater and efficient way. However it still does take time and riding a machine going through the whole lawn with uneven areas and rocks in the middle can be strenuous for the back.

The seats of the lawn mower, therefore, needed to be keenly looked at and observed to make sure they provide back support and prevent backaches. This list will hopefully help you in finding the best seat.

Michigan Seat Universal Lawn Mower Midback Seat

Michigan is a company known for its ingenious designs and top notch quality. The equipment and accessories to support them that they launch into the market have unmatched quality.

Similar is the case with this seat that they have come out with. The Michigan seats gives you 3 height options to choose from to suit your needs.

This gives you a great variation and also allows different age groups to make use of. The seat is of a medium height and the exact dimensions are 19 inches in width, 15.5 inches in length and 8.2 inches in height.

This is a good enough height which provides back support but still doesn’t take up too much space on the lawn mower.  Michigan has always been mindful of the needs of their customers. They took into consideration the comfort of the users and designed the seat and chose the material accordingly.

The seat has been made out of vinyl which has been molded into a cushion. This makes for a comfortable seat which won’t give you a backache. The color black suits most of the lawn mowers out there and looks good aesthetically.  

The seat weighs up to 9 pounds in weight which is an ideal weight as it is not too bulky but still can support a good enough weight. This is a great option for all those people out there who’re looking for a lawn mower and are not aware of what to look for in a seat.

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Highback Lawn Seat – Black, Model

Northern Tool and Equipment is a company that does not need an introduction. Their tools and equipment are famous for their user friendly designs, great quality and the fact that they last a long time. The high back lawn seat for lawn mowers is no less. The seat measures up to 19 ½ inches in length, 15 inches in width and 15 inches in height which makes it an ideal size to sit on at a comfortable height to be able to see the lawn clearly and have back support too.

The universal holes installed at the bottom of the seat allow it to be easily mounted on to the mower and off of it too.

The company put a lot of thought into what material should be used. The seat has been made from polyurethane which makes it durable and also waterproof.

This is an important feature to have as you’re watering the lawn too and a wet seat is extremely uncomfortable to sit on. The water can also cause damage to the upholstery and so being water proof helps in protecting it and making it last a long time.

The seat weighs 15 pounds which is a good enough weight as it does not make the seat bulky and overwhelming and heavy to mount on and off of the lawn mower. However it is still durable and strong enough to support a fully grown person. The seat is in the color black which goes with most colored lawn mowers and looks good aesthetically too.


The company has come out with the lawn and garden tractor seat which ensures comfort and durability. The quality of this seat is amazing and is bound to last you a long time.

The seat measures up to 16 inches in length, 19 inches in width and 15 inches in height. This is a good enough height which provides back support and also puts you at a comfortable height to easily see around. The mounting hole pattern under the seat is such that it will fit many different kinds of riding lawn mowers.

This gives the users a variety of options. The seat has a heavy gauge steel base which helps support the weight. The comfort of the users has been kept in mind and so the seat cushion has a 1 ¾ foam pad for added comfort. The seat is made out of a material which allows it to be used in all-weather conditions and it will work just fine. The material has the ability to resist wear and tear due to severe weather.

The seat weighs up to 15 pounds which is an ideal size for a seat to have so that mounting it on and off of the lawn mower is easy and the seat isn’t too bulky.

However the seat is still durable and sturdy enough to support the weight of a fully grown person. All these features line up together to make this seat an ideal purchase for anyone looking to buy a lawn mower or maybe has a variety and is looking for a seat that could fit more than one.


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