3 Best Lawn Mower Tires Available On Amazon

lawn mower tires

Is your lawn a huge mess with overgrown weed and grass? Does it look messy and unkept and give a bad image of the whole house?

Have you tried all the lawn mowers out there and spent tons but not one seems to work properly.

If yes then join the party. We’ve all been through the same problem at one point or another. Either lawn mowers are too expensive, don’t work properly or are just too difficult and heavy to work with.

There are many features that need to be closely observed and scrutinized to choose the ones that best suit your need.

A very important feature to consider while purchasing a lawn mower is the type and size of tire it comes with. The tire should be sturdy and durable and go over uneven terrain but not damage your lawn.

This list will hopefully help you in getting an idea of the best lawn mower tires and what specifications they have and what to exactly look for.

Turf Ply Lawn Mower Tire

Hi-Run brings to you its Lawn and Garden Turn 2 ply Tire which is known for its durability, strength and the ability to go over uneven terrain as well and not damage the lawn.

The company has always come out with exceptional products and accessories keeping well in mind the needs and pain points of the customers and strives to solve them. This tire is also a proof of that fact. The dimensions of the tire are 20×10.00-8-Inches. This a good enough size which is can easily go over rocks and not stop midway.

The tire is of a 2 ply and has a turf master style thread. Being specially designed for turf the tire has been built in a way to provide minimum damage to the lawn. The close shape tread that the tire has proven to be very useful as it gives greater traction which gives the driver better control and grip of the ground. The close shape tread also ensures a wide shoulder design.

The tire weighs up to 11.2 pounds which is the ideal size as the tire isn’t bulky which might damage the lawn and is still sturdy and durable enough to maneuver through any kind of obstacle in the lawn and will last a long time.

Owing to these features the Hi-Run tire is a good purchase which will be worth the money. It is a must have for all those out there who’re looking for a lawn mower with tires that are string and can cross obstacles while still keeping their lawn intact.

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ONE Tubeless Turf Tire

Wanda products are world famous for their durability, design and fact that they last a long time.

The products are designed keeping the customers and their problems in mind in hopes to solve them.

The tubeless 4 Ply Turf Tire Lawn Mower is a great product by the company. The tire is designed to suit turfs and lawns and works exceptionally well. The tire sizes up to 13.6 inches in length, 13.5 inches in width and 6 inches height.

This an ideal size for a tire to be tall enough to provide clearance for the bottom of the deck and the land and also be able to maneuver around obstacles.

The tire weighs up to 5.5 pounds which makes it a lightweight one which helps in moving at higher speeds. The design of the treadmarks is great to ensure that the lawn doesn’t get damaged. Even if you want to mow a hilly area this tire will be perfect for the job.

The tire has been designed in a way and out of such a material that it isn’t bulky or to large which often is the case in most tires.

These tires make changing speeds a little difficult and have a higher chance of damaging the lawn. However it is not light enough either that it can’t cross over rocks and uneven terrain.

This tire is a good purchase if you’re looking for one that isn’t a lot of fuss and does the job efficiently. The tire shouldn’t damage the lawn at any cost and that is what you look for in a riding lawn mower tire.

BKT 15X6.00-6 4 ply tubeless lawn mower tire

BKT has always been a brand to bring to people the best most user-friendly and high quality products. All of their products are designed with a lot of thought.

They have come out with lawn garden mower tire and they are an exceptional item as well. The tire has been designed to suit turfs, gardens and lawns. The tires has been made to fit a size of 15×6.00-6 inches.

The tire has a flat tread profile which allows for a larger contact area with the ground and a longer tread life.

The rounded shoulders have been designed to ensure that the turf or grass does not receive any kind of damage.

A new ply rating has been introduced which makes it a better version than its previous model. The tire can hold up to a 570 lb. which is a good enough load capacity as it covers many lawn mowers out there. With this much of a load capacity it shows the tire is strong and durable.

The tire has been designed to resist wear and tear and damage due to weather changes. The tire now also has a pound maximum inflation feature.

This particular model has a greater tread depth compared to other alternatives in the market and a sturdy casing which provides increased puncture resistance. This is a feature not commonly available in lawn mower tires and increases the life of the tire.

Now you do not have to worry about the tire getting punctured very soon. All these features indicate that this is a great item which is long lasting and worthwhile.


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