Raven Hybrid Generator Utility Cart ATV Red MPV7100

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4.8/5 on January 13, 2017

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Have you ever watched people ride ATVs on the sports channels? Or the go-karting arenas?

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of the wind rushing against your face while you’re riding the ATV on hilly terrains?

If yes then the Raven Hybrid Generator Utility Cart ATV is the perfect one for you. Finding a good ATV can be very hard as people don’t know which specifications to look for. Some are highly expensive while other are complicated to use. The Raven Hybrid is ATV is everything you’re looking for.

Product Specifications

The Utility Cart ATV measures up to 88 inches in length, 51 inches in width and 49 inches in height. This is a good enough size for a comfortable ride and to maneuver the vehicle easily.

The 420 cc gasoline powered engine is strong and durable and has the power for a smooth drive. The ATV comes with a 7100 Watt generator which gives enough power to make it last a long time. The hybrid transmission allows for a good performance.

The vehicle is equipped with a storage bed along with a tail gate. The 14 inch turning radius allows you easily turn and maneuver the vehicle even at high speeds.

The ATV comes with a 500 lb towing capacity. The cart features front ATV-style shocks, frames and suspension. The ATV weighs up to 850 pounds which makes it a tough and sturdy machine.

Pros and Cons

The size of the machine is good enough for beginners even to ride with ease. The engine is powerful and allows for smooth operation.

The ATV has been built with a sturdy material which allows it to resist wear and tear and will last a long time. The turning radius is a good enough measurement to maneuver the cart according to your wishes.

Why Should You Buy it?

The Raven Hybrid ATV has many attractive features for which it should be purchased. If you’re someone who’s buying an ATV for the first time this size is ideal for you as it is user friendly and quite convenient. The engine is strong and will give you a smooth ride making the experience much more enjoyable. It allows you to drive on uneven terrain with ease.

The ATV is made out of top quality material and so will not put you through the trouble of taking it to the mechanic off and on. With good care and maintenance the vehicle can last a long time.

The vehicle has a good towing capacity and can used for towing purposes too which makes it a multi tasker. Adding to the multitasking quality, a lawn mower head can be attached with the vehicle to turn it into an automatic lawn mower which is quite an attractive feature and makes one item perform various tasks.

Final Verdict

If you’re someone who’s looking to experience the adrenaline of riding an ATV but still looking for sound and good quality option then this is the item to purchase!

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