6 Best Rated Robotic Lawn Mowers Available in the Market

robotic lawn mowers

Robotic lawn mowers are a great way of mowing your lawn without any hassle. Whether you simply want to relax inside your home or you don’t feel like getting out in the sun to the chore of mowing your grass becomes easy with auto mowers. With the proper features and options in an auto mower, it is a very good option to keep your lawns and yards proper and cut all the time.

Many options available when it comes to purchasing a lawn mower including the zones, programs for scheduling and the areas it can cover. If you have slopes and hills or an uneven lawn terrain, slope capability and running time of the mower must be kept in mind.

Below are some of the best robotic lawn mowers present in the market along with their features, that will help you in making the best purchase.

WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

If you’re lawn is about ¼ acre and you want your lawn to look perfect all the time, then Landroid land mower is designed specifically for you. It is a beautiful pre- programmed robotic lawn mower that helps you customize your daily mowing routine.

The mower has a very easy one time setup which can be easily understood and used. It also has a technology which allows it to make precise cuts and also navigate around narrow passages in your lawn premises. It uses a shock sensor system to easily mow around obstacles.

It uses an Artificial Intelligence Technology that enables the mower to cover any area or any part of your lawn. Unlike all the other traditional mowers, that sometimes remove a great amount of grass in one time, this mower gives the grass a slight trim on a regular basis. It allows minimal cuts every time it’s working which improves the health of your lawn and gram. It provides a good mulch to feed to your lawn.

The lawn mower is installed with a 28-volt Lithium Ion battery, eliminating the pollution of gas power. It helps the rain detection sensors and other security features. It automatically runs to its base if a rain starts to happen or if the Landroid wants to charge itself. The mower allows you to use security features as a pin number for normal programing and for operations and an alarm too.

Apart from this, the Landroid has whisper free operation that you can even mow your lawn at night without disturbing anyone. It can evenly mow inclines as it can climb hills up to a 20 degree incline.

The lawn mower comes with everything you need along with it. It includes 590 feet of perimeter wire to create a customized perimeter around your lawn. It has charging base plugs as well and comes with 9 replacement blades. The blades can be flipped to provide you with four clean cutting edges on each blade.

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Robomow RS622 Battery Operated Lawn Mower

This 28.9 x 26 x 12.2 Robomow weighs up to 44 pounds and can keep your lawn looking amazing with its heavy duty motors and 3 11 inch three star blades with a total width of 22-inch mowing. It isn’t suitable for large areas as it can cover only 0.5 acres

The Robomow can take care of configurable mowing zones in your your lawn. It is powered with a 26-volt lithium-ion battery with total working hours of 50 to 65 minutes under a complete charge. The recharging process takes around 90 to 135 minutes.

It has a modular design making it quite easy to change parts whenever needed. The blades are easy to change and can be snapped on and off, without need of additional tools or taking the mower to a professional.

Robomow has a rain sensor featured in it too and upon raining or detecting any moisture the mower stops whatever  it’s doing and returns back to its base station to prevent damage by water. But still, checking the weather before it always good. It also consists of a floating deck which helps in maintain even cut even in a rough terrain,

It consumes only around 25 kW of energy during its complete cycles of recharging the battery making it energy efficient as well. But it might consume more energy with time and according to usage.

It provides the users with an app which makes it easy for them to control it and see information regarding the battery life and status of charging. It supports Bluetooth and GPS both and also allows you to set or change your mowing zones, move between areas of mowing and adjust the setting for cutting.

Robomow is an amazing choice if you don’t want to mow your lawn manually. Its smartphone compatibility makes it much easier to monitor and look after your grass sitting in you lounge, but it does  take a lot of time on charging itself from the base unit. It comes with 1000 feet perimeter wire and 400 pegs.

It also has a child lock safety feature. This protects children and others who are not familiar with Robomow to safely operate it.

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LawnBott LB75DX Robotic Mower

For yards that are about 0.33 acres or smaller, the LawnBott automower is perfect. It is 22 x 11 x 17 inches in height and weighs 26 pounds. It automatically cuts grass many times in a week to keep lawns well-cut throughout. The scheduling and programming of the mower is done completely form the base unit.

You can get a Bluetooth receiver card through LawnBott app to make the setup easier. It is also added with a multi zone capability for up to 3 zones, 0.33 acres each. You can also purchase the perimeter wire separately and mark around the yard keeping I away from the flowers. It is suitable for many terrains. It can get itself anywhere and even up the slopes and hills with a 28 degree incline. The mower also comes with a double-row drive wheels providing extra traction.

The automower is powered with lithium ion batteries, proving the mower a total working time of 90 minutes. It automatically returns to the base for charging when its raining or when it battery gets drained, that takes around 2 hours. Batteries last for about 4 to 5 years and are quite expensive to replace but overall provide good value.

The LawnBott cuts grass with a four sided star blade, cutting an overall width of 10 inches. The cutting height can be set between 0.75 and 2.8 inches. You can set the mower on spiral mode option for even cutting.

The lawn mower is very quiet and can even run at night. It has brushed motors that are also used with non automated lawn mowers as well. These motors use more power but do not have a very long life span.

LawnBott is a perfect fit for smaller lawns. It is extremely suitable for almost any terrain with its amazing features such as its climbing ability, high traction wheels, anti-stuck technology, and multi zone capability.

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Husqvarna Automower  is a very simple model suitable for mowing lawns that are up to 0.35 acres. But if the lawn is large and beyond its range to be cut in one charge, the mower will return and recharge itself before finishing the job. But under humid conditions or rain, the lawn mower keeps on operating as it is not featured with a rain detector that can guide it to stop and return to the base unit. Therefore checking the weather beforehand is essential for smooth working

Husqvarna Automower does not produce any emissions and is eco-friendly as it it battery powered. It is powered with NiMH battery which take sit around 45 minutes to completely charge itself and again operates for 45 minutes before needing to charge itself again.

NiMH hold a relatively small amount of charge as compared to lithium batteries, the mowers requires charging more frequently. Lithium batteries can last for around 3 to 5 years but these batteries need replacement after 2 or 3 seasons.

It cuts grass according to a schedule that is preset by the user. It can also work under direct command. These preferences can be set via 19 buttons touchpad and LCD display screen. All of this must be done at the base because of unavailability of app or wire connections. It has no remote options as well.

The height of cutting can be set manually. The height can be between 0.8 to 2.4 inches. The mower has a 8.7 inches narrow cutting width. Unlike the conventional blades, a blade system comprising of 3 carbon razor blades made of steel are encased in a cutting disc is used. This makes the lawn healthiest providing a much finer cut. But its maintenance cost is very high as these blades need replacement every 2 or 3 months instead of yearly replacement.

Lift, tilt and obstacle sensors are the safety features for this Automower that can shut down or redirect the mower. It has a child lock in form of a PIN code to prevent children from using it. This code also works with an an anti-theft alarm, providing extra security and helping to keep unauthorized people of any age from activating and operating it.

Husqvarna Automower can incline up to 20 degrees, making it suitable for lawns that are almost level or do have a slightly grained surface. It does not have a multizone capability thus it is not good for lawns and areas that have pavement or other form of dividers in different areas of the yard.

All in all it is a good choice for a person who needs an easy to setup and operate robotic lawn mower and is able to cover a small and almost level area. It covers all the basics but inaccessibility of the mower through Bluetooth, App or Remote must be considered.

LawnBott Robotic Lawn Mower

SpyderEvo is a semi automatic lawn mower as its separate docking station needs to be purchases. Without its attachment, it needs to be charged manually. The SyderEvo comes with a pack of 330 ft. wiring and 200 pegs. It Box has a user manual, USB cable, wire signal transmitter, and power supply.

This model is an upgraded version from the previous LB1200. Its almost similar to that design but it supports dual antennas on its tops which are used for charging if you plan on purchasing the docking station.

It is also rainproof but it does not contain a rain sensor. What this means is, that the bot is not capable of detecting rain and humid conditions and returning back to the base but will be able to continue mowing even when your grass is wet. But it is advised to check the weather conditions beforehand and not use it in rain as this could lead to damaging the lawn mower internally.

It does not have an LCD display but has two buttons on either side. This makes it a bit hard to set up as it communicated the settings with an arrangement of beeping patterns.

You the just press start after installing the perimeter wiring in the area and will start operating. It takes about an hour to 5 hours to mow your lawn depending on the size.

Also, lawnbott is very quite and you won’t be getting any complaints from anyone at night. Although it provides necessary and all the basic tasks required from a lawn mower, the setup time and maintenance required is too tedious.

Bosch Indego Cordless Lithium-ion Robotic Lawnmower

With this amazing Bosch Indego lawn mower, you don’t basically have to leave the comfort of your home and still manage to have a great looking lawn. It has such a technology which maps the overall area of your lawn and selects the most efficient and effective route to mow your lawn from.

This features gives it a 30% time of mowing compared to the random navigation of other automowers. But the lawn and the area needs to be clear of all obstacles and the mower works on its own routes and one does not know about its route. It does reverse and move  around the object and begins to move again on its preselected path.

The mower is easy to set up and can work under any sort of weather conditions including rain. It combines the strategy of parallel line cutting with each of its new cutting session to prevent the grass from any stress. It makes sure it never misses out on mowing any patch of grass or cut the same area many times by carefully learning the layout of the lawn.

This lawn mower detects whenever its battery is low or about to get low and returns back to the charging station for recharging. It runs for a total time of around 50 minutes on complete charge. This makes it able to even mow a lawn of large area by having multiple charging trips to its station.  

It is installed with a built – in alarm system with informs you when it’s stolen. It also has a PIN code system which allows it activation only when the PIN code is known to user.

It is able to cut around 10 – inch wide patch in an area of around 0.25 acres. It’s blade for cutting can be adjusted upto 2.5 inches and this makes your lawn to look beautiful very easy.

Overall this mower is a great choice with its learning capabilities and alarm system combined with the benefit of controlling it with a device. But the PIN code can prevent you from using the mower if you forget the code even yourself. The short time of running is also a bit problematic.


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