3 Best Rated Small Riding Lawn Mowers Available in the Market

small riding lawn mowers

Small Riding Lawn Mowers are a type of lawn mowers which are smaller in size, in comparison to the other mowers.  But, the performance of the mower is up to the standards and compete with the others.  These are available at different price ranges on the market and have different attributes and features depending on their prices.  

As in this article, small riding lawn mowers are being discussed. So, some of them are mentioned below along with their price and attributes as well as their significance on the current market.

24-Volt 14-Inch Lawn Mower

This lawn mower is among the best lawn mowers in this price range and is priced around $195. The price and its specifications are pretty reasonable for getting the attention of the users. The features of the lawn mower are mentioned for the customer to have a look on before buying the mower.

This one is more convenient than the other mowers in its price range, it is a bit green in color and is more clean than the others. The mower also make less sound making it a good choice for the customers. There is also no supply of gas and oil required for the functioning of the machine and also it does not produce any smell.

For more good features, there is no cord source as well for the starting of the machine but there is a button which has to be pressed for the starting of the machine. So, there is no hard work which has to be done for pulling the cord.

It also comes with the handles which are padded with foam, ergonomic, up swept, are easy to be maneuvered and have a lighter for weight of around lbs. and they are also perfect for the experience of tireless cuttings.

The machine also has the ability to cut out 6000 square feet in one charge in single with the batteries of 24V that are removable for the easier charging experience. The lawn has to be catered by the user himself by choosing one from the mulching, rear-discharging and bagging of the clippings of grass.

The machine also comes with a rechargeable battery of 24V and a charger for the charging of battery. Grass collection bag, mulch plug and a warranty of 3 years by the manufacturer are also included in the package that comes with the device.

For rear discharge, mulching or bagging and starting by push button, there comes a 3 in 1 cutting which is excessively used by the customer. Charging of the battery is made convenient by rechargeable removable battery in any location or situation user might be in.

Control and handling of the device improves and the fatigue is reduced by the handle which is up swept ergonomically. The machine also cuts off more than 6000 sq. feet on one charge in particular which is in run time, 30 minutes. No matter, the machine works as expected or the user does not like it, the machine is not returnable.

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24-Volt 14-Inch Cordless Mower

This lawn mower is quite similar in some aspects to the one previously discussed. The mower has a retail price of about $216 and is available on Amazon.com, in case customers are interested in buying this machine. The machine, though have some features alongside its price that may attract the attention of customers.

The runtime of this machine depends heavily on the charging, storage and the type of grass and varies accordingly. While cutting of the grass, the technology of mowing IntelliCut provides the torque which eases the process of cutting. Clippings are better chopped off by the special blades for mulching other than the blades which are the standard ones.   

There is also 3 in 1 clipping for the bagging, rear discharging and mulching. There is also the option of starting the machine by push button. The machine cuts off more than 10000 sq. feet on one charge in particular till the machine runs for only 40 minutes. No matter, there is any problem with the working or the user’s choice, the machine is not returnable and won’t be taken back by the retailers.

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16-Inch iON16LM Cordless 40 V Mower

This is a fairly expensive lawn mower than the ones which have been discussed earlier but it has features which justify the price of the machine. The machine has a retail price of about $283.39 and is available on Amazon.com, in case someone’s interested in purchasing it. the machine has some great features which are needed to be mentioned for the awareness of the customers looking for a good machine.

There are no pull cords for this machine and it could be run straight away using a push button with ease. There are also no gas and oil connections required for the machine to run and there is also no need of cords for extension and the emission of carbon. The efficiency of the battery is increased by the brushless powerful motor and it maximizes the performance of the motor as well.

The noise pollution and the vibrations created by the mower is also reduced and the life of the motor is increased alongside it. The design of the mower is compact and is especially for the lawns which are medium to small in sizes. The height of the lawn mower is also adjustable and can be adjusted to 6 different heights and cuts the grass from the heights of 1.18 inch – 3.15 inch.

This happens just by the adjustment of the tailors of the levers which cuts the grass off. There is also a warranty of 2 complete years given by the company and there is agreement by the ETL as well as a certification of Energy Star.   

The products which mentioned in this article are the best examples of small riding lawn mowers to a certain extent for providing information and awareness about the different types of riding lawn mowers which are available on the market and the things which must be checked by the user before purchasing any item.

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