Troy-Bilt 420cc OHV 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower

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4.5/5 on January 15, 2017

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Are you in the pursuit of a good quality lawn mower that is high powered, and also does the job efficiently and saves you a lot of time?

If yes then the Troy-Bilt 420cc riding lawn mower is the one you’re looking for. Many a times we’re not able to find the perfect lawn mower.

They‘re either extremely expensive or just lousy at the job. Some are completely uncomfortable to use and others leave the grass uncut making you do the whole thing all over again. The Troy lawn mower will make all such problems go away and make the whole experience easy.

Product Specifications

The measurements of the lawn mower are 64 x 34 x 26 inch. Solid 420cc single troy bilt engine with a top speed of 2.25 MPH.

This gives you the power and the speed to go through the whole lawn quickly and accurately without leaving any spot. The lawn mower also comes with a 6 speed transmission.

This particular lawn mower has a 30 inch long cutting deck which is sharp enough to make a precise cut.

In order to make the blade work easily and quickly the mower features a manual power take off. The tires are pretty good and long lasting.

Pros and Cons

The engine of this lawn mower is strong and powerful and gives you the power required to go around even large sized lawns and yards. The blade is sharp and is built in a way to make a precise and consistent cut every time. The adjustable settings of the deck help you choose the one best suited to the size and type of the grass you wish to cut.

Why You Should Buy it?

This lawn mower is of a perfect size which can easily be kept in a garage or a shed. It is the ideal purchase for standard land owners. The engine is built to last a long time and won’t give you any trouble with its’ performance. The fuel tank can hold up to 1.3 gallons of fuel and also has a window to check fuel level. The seat is quite comfortable as well.

Final Verdict

The lawn mower comes with a 2 year limited warranty which gives you further assurance of the quality. Now you don’t have to worry about where to get the spare parts in case the machine doesn’t work properly.

Just take it back to the company and they’ll fix it. All in all with this feature, a powerful engine, precise and sharp blade, this is a machine that will get the job done right every time and will save you on time and effort. To this end the Troy lawn mower is a must have.

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