2 Best Selling Troy Bilt Riding Lawn Mowers Available in the Market

troy bilt riding lawn mowers

Getting hands on a good quality lawn mower has become very hard these days. Some are highly expensive while others just break down after a couple of uses. Most lawn mowers these days have a long list of features which seem quite attractive but fail when put to use.

Nobody likes a messy lawn and working with a hand mower is not an easy job plus people don’t have the time to do that anymore. Amidst all the lawn mower industry, Troy Bilt is one that stands out. The Troy Bilt lawn mowers are what you’re looking for to make all your lawn problems go away and have a sharp looking lawn.

This list will tell you about two of the best Troy Bilt riding lawn mowers and will hopefully help you in choosing the one that suits your needs the best.

MTD SOUTHWEST Troy-Bilt Lawn Tractor

First on the list is the MTD Southwest Troy Bilt Lawn Tractor. The troy bilt lawn tractor measures up to 35.5 x 48 x 70 inches. This is an ideal size for any size lawn or yard. The size allows you to maneuver through the lawn with ease.

The tractor comes with a 17 HP Kohler 597 cc Single Cylinder Engine installed which has the power to work efficiently. The strong engine is durable and will last a long time the cutting deck on the tractor sizes up to 42 inches.

This size makes for a wide blade to cover a good enough area which ensures that you don’t miss a single spot which tends to happen a lot during lawn mowing.  The deck is sharp enough to make a precise and consistent cut every time giving you the perfect results.  

The tractor has an automatic CVT transmission which allows for smooth operation. This transmission allows you to drive the mower on all kinds of terrain and makes it easy to shift the speed without having to stop in the middle. The rear tires are 20”x8” in measurement while the front square shoulder tires are 15”x6”.

The tractor has two anti-scalp deck wheels installed in it which is not seen in most lawn mowers or tractors. The tractor also comes with a steel front axle. The lawn mower weighs up to 496 pounds and makes for a sturdy and tough machine which has the ability to resist wear and tear.  It makes for a tough vehicle but one that is not too overwhelming or difficult to ride.

The brand has kept the convenience of the customers in mind and so the seat has been made of a medium height and is quite comfortable so you don’t experience any back ache after you’re done mowing the lawn. This is a feature which is missed out from most of the lawn mowers out there and adds to the value.

All in all the Troy Bilt lawn tractor is a must have if you’re looking to find a mower that will make your life easier. It will help maintain your lawn and keep it clean while not making the task a tedious one. The tractors actually makes it fun. With a 2 year limited warranty you now have an assurance of the good quality. You no longer have to worry about who to go to in case the lawn mower stops functioning. Just take it back to Troy Bilt and they will help you out.

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Troy-Bilt 30-Inch Premium Riding Lawn Mower

The measurements of the lawn mower are 64 x 34 x 26 inches. This lawn mower is of a perfect size which can easily be kept in a garage or a shed. It is the ideal purchase for standard land owners. The lawn mower has a powerful 420 cc single troy built engine with a top speed of 2.25 MPH.

This gives you the power and the speed to go through the whole lawn quickly and accurately without leaving any spot. The engine is built to last a long time and won’t give you any trouble with its’ performance.

The lawn mower comes with a 6 speed transmission which allows you to choose your desired speed. This particular lawn mower has a 30 inch cutting deck which is sharp enough to make a precise cut ad cover a wide area to ensure that you don’t miss a single spot.  The deck also comes with 5 settings that are adjustable and that help you choose the one best suited to the size and type of the grass you wish to cut.

In order to make the blade work easily and quickly the mower features a manual power take off.

The fuel tank can hold up to 1.3 gallons of fuel and it also comes with a window to keep a check at the fuel level. This makes it quite easy for the user to keep a track of the fuel consumption and can refuel the vehicle exactly when it’s needed so he doesn’t have to go through the trouble of the lawn mower stopping in the middle of the work.

Troy Bilt has always given great importance to the comfort of the users and so the seat is made out of a sturdy yet comfortable material which will not end up giving you back aches as happens with most riding lawn mowers.

This also makes it a great ride for elderly people who wish to indulge in lawn maintain activities but can’t do so because they get tired quickly and the machinery is difficult to use. The lawn mower comes with a 2 year limited warranty which gives you further assurance of the quality. Now you don’t have to worry about where to get the spare parts in case the machine doesn’t work properly. Just take it back to the company and they’ll fix it.

All in all with this feature, a powerful engine, precise and sharp blade, this is a machine that will get the job done right every time and will save you on time and effort. To this end the Troy lawn mower is a must have.

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